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Auto Drafts

Post by Mopar93 » Tue Jun 18, 2019 9:22 pm

This message board has a feature known as "Auto Drafts". When you are editing a new message and you don't have time to finish it, you can save it as a draft and then come back later to finish and post the message. Even if you don't finish the message and have to go do something, the message will automatically be saved as a draft every 60 seconds.

You might walk away long enough and your login will time out and you have to log back in. You can go back and edit your draft and submit it. There are two ways to reload the draft so you can continue editing it. If you go back to the same topic where you replied and try to reply again, the message draft will automatically load into the editor. But maybe you forgot where you were replying or maybe you even forgot that you were working on a message at all. In this case, go to your "User Control Panel" to find any drafts that you are working on. You can find the User Control Panel by clicking on your username and a menu will appear. Just click on User Control Panel. Then click on "Manage drafts". If you have any message drafts that you were working on, you will find them here. Just click on one to continue editing it and then submit it.


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