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Re: Be the Solution

Post by mod911 » Thu Aug 02, 2018 10:47 am

I hope some common sense comes back....Tar racing suck because you are there soooo long with soooo few cars.....Dirt racing you get there later but stay MUCH later if you even see the whole show....Features should start with in 2 hours of the posted start time....PERIOD....PERIOD...PERIOD....I was at T-C a while ago and left after the mods,12:30 AM and there were more features lined up...Imagine watching 20 movie previews before the start of the show you paid to see.....and some left BEFORE it began...Bet your socks they will rent a movie or get netflicks...

I am building a new motor right now and the cost is crazy.The pay has changed little in may years and now higher paying races will KILL off racing completely. To compete and have a rats a$$ chance of placing you will need top notch everything and it will attract teams with few limits on spending.Probably 8 tires,50 gallons in the hauler,20 gallons in the racer,hundreds in tickets,food and maybe hotel room if you do not have a livable totter...It sounds good if you do not think it thru as is popular these days. Maybe socialism will provide me with Kenny Wallaces car or one just like it.

If we had fired the track inspectors for being a complete failure and got Ricky Brooks or his way of thinking things would be better. We might have affordable cars. An iron headed SUPER LATE with slicks that weights 200 pounds lighter than the unlimited cars weigh and run next to them I would have one. Think like this, I have a 70k car with titanium everything not gold plated and bought form the Carolinas and this 30k car is next to me after 50 laps he can go away or be more cost effective. Explain them titanium rods to your wife when a $600 pair of iron ones is nest to ya at the checkered flag.

This is the only I see to survive as a spectator sport......

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