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Be the Solution

Post by BigEd » Mon Dec 18, 2017 1:32 pm

Here is another old column for y'all to talk about, this one was written on 9/11/2014, it still rings true today!!!

The “IN” Crowd

Howdy Racefans!!

If I had a nickel for every time I heard a driver, crew member, or racefan say that they know what is wrong with racing today, or what a certain promoter is doing wrong, or if we just did it the way they did in 1972, I’d be a rich man, a very rich man indeed. At first, I found it to be admiral that people put as much thought into it, but then I realized everyone’s thoughts and opinions are different. There isn’t just one thing that we can do to bring back the glory days of short track racing. Over time, everything changes. What worked back then does not work today. I agree with my boss, Jim Leasure, and that is the key to having any success in this business is to find a way to incorporate the youth. I got hooked when I was a kid, and that fact hasn’t changed a bit in 2014. So with that in mind, I want to share what I witnessed last Saturday night.

I sat in the tower at Owosso Speedway and looked down toward turn one in the grandstand. Sitting there was my daughter, Amanda, with her husband, Gary, and my granddaughter Bailey. Sitting with them were my nephew Jason and his wife Tenia with their two youngins. Beside them were my niece, Jamie and her daughter. They were sitting there all together watching the races, pointing at this car and that car. Laughing and carrying on and having a great time. You couldn’t have slapped the smile off my face. At some point throughout their lives, I brought every one of them to the races. I drug Amanda to hundreds of races, all over the place. Her addiction is very understandable. My niece and nephew, not as much. But it is very apparent that the time I did spend with them and bringing them to the track, has stuck with them. They are now bringing their children. Their children will in turn then tell their friends about it, and it can go on and on from there. That is how this stuff works.

So you see it isn’t just about going back to how they did it in the good ole days. It isn’t just about what is right or wrong, or what exactly the promoter is doing. It IS about how each and every one of us promotes the sport we love. It is how we, as fans, represent the tracks we frequent. If you’re going off about how bad a track is run, and how it “used to be” in a crowd of people that don’t know that much about our sport, then it isn’t very likely that those people are going to choose our sport as a form of entertainment for themselves. But instead of complaining about it, why not try to be positive about the situation, and paint a rosier picture then one of doom and gloom??

Look, there isn’t a quick fix here. There never usually is. But just think if you could bring one person to the track with you next time you go that has never been there before. And you teach them the finer points of our sport and show them what fun it is, you are now starting to become part of the solution. Now just think if everyone that reads this column could do that! How many new fans might we have if that happened?

I know I’m doing my part. I now know that I did my part 20 years ago too. It may take that long for your investment to pay off, but it sure is worth it. How hard is it for you to go out and try and recruit some new racefans from your walk of life? There is nothing better than to see a bunch of your family and friends having a good time at the races, even if you’re not sitting there with them!!!

That’s the word from The “IN” Crowd!!

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Re: Be the Solution

Post by mod911 » Mon Dec 18, 2017 5:00 pm

SOOOO, IF I go to Owosso and they start at 6PM racing and I finally get the last car in the pits and on the trailer at 2:30AM I would have no idea of how to make the show go faster?I been helping there for 40 years. I watch 5 times the amount needed of speedy dri applied and pushed around with their little brooms and leaf blowers and I can clean it up in 15 minutes instead of 1 hour or more I would have no idea of how to do it and maybe should just shut up? Is the the point here Ed? When there are NO more spectators left after 12AM and the show goes on and on and on I have no idea of how to do it better because I do not own the track?

OR if I see cheating cars left and right and no one cares because you do not want to lose a car of the 12 there I should just admit stupidity because I do not own the track? ANY suggestion is met with ridicule and not taken seriously. There are plenty of cry babbies. Make solid enforced rules and take no crap and racers will fall inline if treated equally.

If I do not own a track I do not understand rules maybe? Add this stupid pick your lane crap is beyond my understanding,this crap of hot laps before every race is a waste of time. I see NO leadership by anyone responsible if anyone is. I seen people killed because of NO leadership,just a free for all. A new way of doing things is needed. No 50 lap most nights,no driving around under yellow. Line up on the backstretch,go 1 lap and green em....poor organization and no plan of action at most places.

I do not believe just because we own cars and race we have no idea of what customers want? We are the HIGHEST paying customers there ED. Most people who quit going to watch races are p-o'd because the show drags out so long and cautions are so long and the line up is so slow.

So promoters know all about racing but racers know nothing? There are a few good promoters who promote not ignore. I wish I lived closer to K-Zoo I would go there

NOT to mention SOOOOOO many classes. 3 solid competitive divisions is enough with a visitor class occasionally. No one wants to watch supers lap street stocks or watch 8 year olds crash with a red light and ambulance every caution because the officials have children in them racing.......

It's been made into a fun night not a race night. But its no fun lots of times.I guess if you are not a chef you cannot rate the food because you do not understand cooking and do not know if the food is good....shut up and eat it?

BESIDES, when the pit price for a 2 year old is 28 dollars just how are you going to get kids involved if the racing parents cannot afford to take them along? How much did you spend on tickets last year? I had 4 kids and 3 race cars at one point and people said "isn't racing expensive?" Ya, with 4 kids passes costing $100 bucks or more it is difficult. SO much for a FAMILY sport. Maybe a family can afford to spectate but it sure is hard on us racers.

Maybe if someone listened instead of preached at us it would improve. Buying a ticket and watching 10 bandeleros crash and putt around first thing sucks Ed. It sucks when we get home at 2am.


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Re: Be the Solution

Post by BigEd » Tue Dec 19, 2017 1:31 pm

GREAT Solutions Dick!!!!

The thread was intended for members to suggest solutions to HELP local short track racing. The whole idea of the column was to try and bring new people into our sport. The youth. I've done that, and I still do it today. What are your ideas to help make our sport better.

The thread was NOT made for you to point out every thing you dislike, or to highlight a tracks bad night. It was not made to say you don't know anything about racing, that is just how you choose to read into it.

The column was wrote, and posted here to try and suggest SOLUTIONS to all the things you complain about. You think your the only one who sees the negative things happen at our tracks?? We all see it, it sucks, our sport is failing and it has been for numerous years now. But coming on here and JUST bitching and complaining about everything does NO ONE any good. If you could maybe find a way to turn all that negative energy into possible solutions and do things that actually HELP our sport, well, that would be just awesome.

It's easy to complain, it's much harder to try to be part of the solution.
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Re: Be the Solution

Post by starterken » Sat Dec 30, 2017 2:14 pm


I found this article several years ago. It was written by Mandee Pauch who is a big racing fan and PR blogger. She still tweets even today check her out. I saved this article because I thought someday when I'm rich & famous I'm buying a track (I-70 in MO is on my list) and this will be my instruction manual, because she absolutely nails it both in identifying the problems AND developing solutions (Dick, #3, #9, #39, #83 and especially #41 :biggrin:/>/> are for you). It's long and I get that most promoters don't have the attention span to get through these, but here goes again. Are these really that hard??

[b]85 Ideas Every Racetrack Should Try[/b]

[i]Now, I’m not saying racetracks should do these every single week, but they should at least give these a good hard look and try some…[/i]

1) Each track should have its own drivers committee. Meet up once a month or every other month; go over rules, procedures, schedules, questions, what can be improved… It would be beneficial for both the track and the drivers so they can make it best for everyone.

2) Have heat winner dashes or match races. Do the top winners or top two in each heat. Give the fans a little excitement, something different than the normal every week routine.

3) Have a family pack…$40 family pack, you get two adult tickets and either 3 senior or 3 student tickets, 5 hotdogs and 5 sodas. It’s expensive anymore to bring your family to the races so why not offer a family pack.

4) Every racetrack should have their promoter sit in the stands at least once a month to see what it’s like from their fans perspective.

5) Work with a local car wash to get discounts for fans to get their car washed. Nobody likes a dirty car after the races!

6) Have twin twenties, triple twenties, four twenties… Have someone sponsor the features offering bonus money for anyone that wins them all.

7) Put a fan in the pace truck to pace the laps for a feature. How many fans have actually seen a race from inside the track?

8) Always thank your drivers. That can go a long way!

9) Every hour over a four-hour program you should give a discount towards next weeks ticket. Not everybody wants to be at the track all night.

10) Have driver interactions with the fans. At Action Track USA I always like to involve the kids with our redraw or any games. When our drivers throw frisbees into the stands I have them sign it. If that driver wins, whoever caught the frisbee with their autograph can go into victory lane.

11) Pay outs should be posted before the race.

12) Introduce the drivers to the fans in front of the stands at least once a year. It helps the fans put a face to the name. You’d be surprised how many people don’t know who’s behind the wheel.

13) You should guarantee your customers a discount for the following week (must bring wristband) if your intermission goes over 30 minutes. They paid to see races, not watch the grader go around the track.

14) Cross promote with other racetracks. Help each other out.

15) Offer county discounts one night. Have Hunterdon County night at the track or if you’re from a specific town, give them a discount or get in for free. Must show proof.

16) Have Military night, First Responders night, etc., Give thanks by letting them in for free.

17) Throw a party for your fans once a year or have a fan appreciation night letting them in for free.

18) Destroy Car fund / Flip Fund– get a sponsor to put in an x amount a week.. Wrack up the money towards it. Then if a driver wrecks their car bad enough you can offer them some money. It helps out the driver that wrecked, say “We’ll give you money to help you out if you come back next week.” The promoter would obviously have to draw the line because people may argue who should get it, etc. These drivers support your track, shouldn’t you support them?

19) Try Delaware style restarts one night, one car starts by himself in the front row then second and third are the first row to be double file. Make things a little interesting rather than the same old usual.

20) Call 50/50 before the feature. People end up leaving early to beat the traffic, some can’t stay late, etc.

21) If a driver runs two different divisions and they win both divisions, give them a bonus.

22) Take a hard look at your bathrooms once a year.

23) Topless night. Have the cars run without their roofs. It’s different and the fans will be able to see more of the drivers and inside the cars.

24) Involve the fans in victory lane. Have it behind the stands, allow them to be in pictures, come on the track, etc. Let them congratulate their drivers! Maybe hand out checkered flags to the kids for the driver to sign.

25) Tracks should make two trophies, one for the driver and one for the driver to give to a fan.

26) Pit gates should be open to the fans within ten minutes the races are over. Nobody wants to wait a long time to go in the pits afterwards.

27) Promote a rivalry between drivers. Fans feed off of that.

28) Give a fan the chance to meet a driver, sit in their car, see their trailer, meet their crew, etc.

29) Give the neighbors surrounding the track free passes to get in for a night.

30) Reward those that go weekly to your track. They are your diehards; they come week in and week out. You should thank them, give them a free pass, so much off, a free shirt, a hot dog, you get the gist.

31) Have a community night at the track. All businesses in the community of your track are welcome to set up a table for their business behind the stands. They can have activities, hand stuff out, pamphlets, etc.

32) Have a fan get the chance to be on a pit crew for the night.

33) Be pet friendly!

34) Give a tour through the pits.

35) Make your employees have a smile on their face. Who wants to pay $20 to someone behind the window with an attitude? Give a smile! It goes a long way!

36) Have a suggestion box / suggestion page. Always ask for input. What will it hurt?

37) Do a nostalgia night to racing. Bring in racing legends, an appreciation to our racing history. Make special posters for the fans to get autographed as well.

38) Have a future drivers night. Allow younger kids to bring in their cars, display them and take a couple laps around the track.

39) Try having just a three-division show. Don’t go overboard with six divisions in one night.

40) Every track should evaluate their tracks food menu and quality.

41) Let senior citizens in at half price.

42) Hand out gas cards (have games or hand out to whoever came the farthest!).

43) Have a fan wave the green flag for a feature.

44) If a driver brings an x amount of people one night they should receive a free pass. They can only receive one free pass a year.

45) Pay out to your drivers every night.

46) Make a point to update social media on a timely basis.

47) Make a decision on canceling within an x amount of the start time if there is a chance of bad weather in the forecast.

48) Work with local schools to show kids what racing is all about.

49) Top ten in points should get first choice of parking spots for the following year.

50) Try to make victory lane timely efficient.

51) Treat your drivers fairly. No favoritism.

52) Have things for kids to do and play with such as a playground, a kids club, basketball, football, games, etc.

53) Create an e-mail list for weekly updates.

54) Every track should have ice cream! (I couldn’t leave that one out)

55) Have a loyalty pass for your loyal fans. If you come for an x amount of weeks you can receive a free pass.

56) Have an information booth/person. Have someone people can go to ask questions; what’s the schedule, what’s racing, where to go, where the bathrooms are, etc., so people are aware of what’s happening. First timers are always full of questions.

57) Give each race team an x amount of schedules so they can hand them out at their business or to friends and family.

58) Give heat race points, it’ll make the drivers work for their position or accommodate them for winning the heat with money, points, free pit pass for the following week, etc.

59) Each track should have a set up area where drivers can sell their t-shirts like a t-shirt alley so everyone is aware of where to find them.

60) For those that love to gamble. Have fans bet on who they think the top 5 finish will be in the feature. Have them bet an x amount (or have a sponsor put up the money), if someone gets the top 5 correct they win, if someone has the top 5 but in a different order they get an x amount, and so on. Half of the money goes towards the winner and the other half can go towards a charity. If nobody wins it can roll over to the following week.

61) Have a family section in the stands where alcohol is prohibited.

62) Make sure to have your line-up on the board before you call your drivers to the track.

63) Your headline division should go first.

64) Hand out the schedule of events when drivers enter the pits.

65) Have the raceceiver frequency listed on the schedule.

66) If your speaker system isn’t very good in the pits, have someone go through the pits announcing what’s going on the track next or use a blow horn warning everyone so nobody misses their heat, feature, etc.

67) Offer a gamblers fee for a special show.

68) Have an autograph session for the fans before the races or during intermission.

69) Don’t make your drivers have to run the track in. Do you ever see sprint cars having to go out and run the track in? It’s ready for them when they get there. Tracks have equipment for a reason. Your drivers shouldn’t have to run it in.

70) Make sure your track has a sufficient amount of tow trucks.

71) Have a ‘run whatcha brung’ race. Bring back the ingenuity of racing.

72) Let the fans decide on a show. Have them vote early in the season or pre-season to when they’d like to have a special show, for example on July 4th or Labor Day (giving options). Announce each week what the tallies are then at the end of the voting announce the wining date.

73) Have a big end of the year show and make it an annual event.

74) Have a retro themed t-shirt night. The oldest racing t-shirt can win a prize or a free pass. Themed nights!

75) Offer a higher purse for those that start farther back in the feature. For example, if you start 16th, instead of the purse being $2,500 it’ll be $2,600 or if you start 18th it’ll be $2,700 if you win. Give the drivers that are putting on a show for you a little extra for coming through from the back.

76) Make sure to have a program for people to read. Have the points listed, pictures, stories, last weeks results, etc.

77) If you have a program, have a picture of each division that runs at your track (maybe the recent champions). Under each picture explain the difference between them such as the motor size, the chassis, the weight, etc. It will help give your fans more of an understanding of the difference between each division.

78) Have a ‘fan of the week’ or a ‘driver of the week’ in your weekly program book. The fans love to see people they know in the program and learn about the different drivers.

79) Have special shows on holidays such as Easter, Memorial Day, 4th of July, Labor Day, etc.

80) Have a night where you open the pits early to the fans before the races start so they can walk around, see what it’s like in the pits, visit their drivers, maybe do a meet and greet with some drivers and fans.

81) Make sure your track has wheel chair accessible areas.

82) Have your employees look professional. Make them wear the track shirts or have all of your employees wearing the same shirt. They shouldn’t wear any driver’s shirts. If you work at a racetrack you shouldn’t show any favoritism, even if your job is simply taking peoples tickets at the front gate.

83) Always be consistent with your track rules. If you plan on changing them (not in the middle of the season) make sure everyone is aware of the changes.

84) If you do drawings or re-draws make sure it is fair and in front of everyone so nobody can question it.

85) Have your track sponsor package include sponsorship to one of your regulars. Let’s say Herrs for instance sponsors your track, as part of their sponsorship package they will also provide sponsorship to one of your track regulars. You’re not only helping yourself but you’re helping one of your loyal drivers.

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Re: Be the Solution

Post by fastbackss » Sat Dec 30, 2017 6:47 pm

Linking to an old thread on here - with the text of my original entry pasted:

During the 2014 season I had something occur to me at a racetrack that frustrated me to the point I couldn’t see straight. It was right then that I vowed to write my “short track” manifesto of what a track should be. I have been keeping a log of these “sound bites” thinking I would eventually compile them.

I have been going to races for over 30 years now, and have attended races at over 70 tracks in 4 countries. I have been racing at least part time for 10 of those years. I bring that up because I know what I like as both a fan and a racer. I think it is always important for racers/track officials to be forever aware of the feelings of the fan.

Recently someone forwarded me this article written by Mandee Pauch, daughter of Billy Pauch (famous NE modified/sprint car driver). She is majoring in sports marketing, working at racetracks, and published her own list. Kaiserfan also previously linked to an article of hers. http://mandeepauch.c...ack-should-try/

This inspired me to pretty up my list and publish it. There are clearly some I overlooked that would be duplicated so I have ignored them. I will also say that I lost some of my list, so I reserve the right to append these at any time. And – the below are presented in no particular order, although I have made an effort to bunch some of them together. (Please note I have not really listed positives – I am listing negatives to work on)

-Not letting fans watch practice – opening the gate after practice is done is silliness. I went to a race recently that had 3 hours of practice. The track opened the gates halfway through practice. The issue? The headline division for the day, a touring division I might add, had finished practice for the day. Ardent fans want to watch every lap while they are out. Many of your people are at the track already, and you are missing an opportunity to sell concessions. If you cannot sell enough concessions to justify the salaries of the people that are already there preparing food anyway, then there is a separate systemic issue.

- At track so long – this was recently discussed on here but good freakin’ grief – why do asphalt tracks “require” you to be at the track so long. If you want to have hours upon hours of practice, split it up. Before a certain hour it is “extra paid” practice which gathers some extra revenue for the track. The time I show up to the time I go home should be less than 8 hours, and even that is pushing it. The track I grew up never had more than 6 hours of activity – and that included 2 hours of practice. Here is what I would implement for a Saturday night show (well – if I was keeping those god-forsaken time trials (preview alert!)

2-4 early paid practise

4:30-5:30 regular practise (2 sessions per division)

4:30 main grandstands open

5:45 time trials

6:45 drivers meeting

7:00 heats

- Once your paying customers are (allowed) in, do not immediately have a lull in the action. I went to a track last year that had a 53 minute gap inbetween time trials and the first heat race. I know because I timed it. That means that a person could show up 60 minutes before the actual racing begins and only see 7 minutes of action. (Incidentally I was one of the first cars to time trial that night. I had a 129 minute gap between on track activity that night – I know because I timed it). If it takes a minimum of 30 minutes to develop heat lineups from time trials – you have a systemic issue that needs to be addressed.

-Speaking of time trials – time trials every division, every night is garbage. It is boring for the fans, and expensive for the racers. It also leads to significant gamesmanship. Ignoring that this occurs is…well…ignorant.

-Invert – did I mention gamesmanship?

- Handicapping – the ideal solution for the first line item is handicapping. I recognize that is particularly tough when there is a transient racing population (i.e. you have a lot of change inbetween drivers on a week-week basis) as you do not want to risk alienating outsiders from coming, but it is certainly feasible. I would be happy to help work through the math of it. It also makes heat races more useful. For example, if the only reward for running a heat race is points for the season total…and I am not running for the season points…what is my incentive for racing hard? But, if you tell me “only the top 3 finishers in each heat get their time back…or get into the invert” – well that is a different item. Oh – and “that is the way we always did it” is apathetic and lazy. There is a promoter somewhere out there that cackled when you said that.

-Tow trucks need to be quick to the scene. Barring a safety situation they should be at the scene before the field completes one yellow lap.

-Let’s just say I could be swayed to get rid of the “get 3 laps to fix a flat” unless it is caused by deemed avoidable contact.

-We all have radios – there is no need on every yellow to give a white flag saying one more lap till green (everytime). (Think about it – at one minute per lap per yellow you likely just added 30 minutes to your show over the course of a night)

-Speaking of radios – one warning for not getting in position – you don’t get in position you get the black flag

- stopping so you can go to the pits means you get to stay in the pits. Stopping when you spin or partially spin means you get a black flag. No exception.

-If it is a quick yellow, say an aborted start or a jumped start – it goes green immediately thereafter, no lollygagging going single file and re-aligning (and especially no choice of cone if a madhouse restart).

-If there is a yellow, save for an aborted start, somebody needs to go to the rear.

-Unless the track is completely blocked, if you come to a stop during a yellow flag causing incident you go to the back. This is black and white and prevents judgment calls .

-The tap-out rule is garbage. Racing has gray areas. This rule allows it to be aggravating both ways. It allows officials to not make a decision, and worse, then have something to lean back on for doing nothing. It also means that too often a car that was involved in a hard racing incident gets the spot back.

-If you are running a headline division at your track you do not need to have a back gate mentality. The three best tracks I have ever been to run either 2 divisions or 3 only. Hard work in promotion (with what sets your track apart by not having a plethora of classes) will overcome the shortfall of 100 pit passes.

-Your support divisions – they support the track just like the headliners. Give them a break a handful of times per season instead of adding them to every show including extracurricular stuff not on the normal race night.

-Have a drop or two. Your teams need to be happy and healthy at home (and with their wallets) to avoid getting burned out.

-The schedule for the night should be ready, at the latest, by the time teams start arriving. Waiting to see how many cars show up means that you do not know what you are doing.

-Speaking of that, care should be given to contingency plans and those should be made readily available beforehand. “If we have less than 15 cars 5 laps will be shortened from the feature.” “A time limit of one minute per lap will be enforced.”

-Change formats of races/race nights through the season. Switch it up – one night have double features inverting all lead-lap cars and add up positions/poker nights (5 race series best poker hand wins)/non-winner feature (always good to get a new face to victory lane).

-Every division should have at least one extra length race during the regular season.

-Every division should get extra laps in a season-ending special race

-If you are running a special race – do what it is known for and do that one thing right. That is why people came from out of town.

-It is not acceptable to not have trophies. They are the ultimate talking point

-A promoter should follow the 1-2-3-4-5-6 rule. Each week he/she should talk to:

1 fellow promoter (group or track) for 15 minutes

2 existing sponsors for 10 minutes each

3 vendors for 5 minutes each

4 race officials for 5 minutes each

5 drivers/car owners for 10 minutes each

6 fans for 5 minutes each

This totals up to 2.5 hours per week. If this is not done the promoter should not bother showing up. He or she will not have an accurate feel for the pulse of the facility. This can occur if he always talks to the same person too. You have the phone numbers of the drivers – reach out.

-EVERY contact should be acknowledged, regardless of how inane or asinine it is. “Thank you for taking the time to write/call” is pretty simple to do. Plus – it will make them feel that their opinion is valued which will make them more likely to come back.

-Only sending social media updates instead of updating the actual website. The notion that tracks should only conduct themselves on social media is laughable. It is great when used as a supplement to an already existing website. It is fantastic for getting raceday news, updates, results out - but should never be at the expense of the regular website. That is lazy.

-Other examples of social media induced laziness? Not updating the results on the website because it is on social media, not publishing news/information to the website, not amending the schedule on the website, having private groups on social media and then not making available to others. By the way, telling someone “well you just need to get a facebook account” for required information is probably not a sound business idea.

-For the love of God, list the full results. Unless every car is listed, it is not race results. There are friends/family/sponsors that will be checking. It is fine to post the top 5 the night of, but after that everyone who made the effort to show up should be on there.

-Results and points need to go up in a timely matter. Points not being updated before the next race is a disservice to the teams that support you.

-Have an archive section on your website

-Leave the whole schedule up for the year. Deleting it does no good. I have never been annoyed because I have to scroll down to see the current date. I have been plenty annoyed when I go back and can’t figure out the date a race was, or can’t figure out what were some other races that had been on the calendar. “I wonder if the late models already ran this year – if I knew the date it would make it easier to find…”

-The question that you should ask yourself: "If a potential first time track visitor or a team sponsor were looking up information, how difficult would it be to get said information?" Is it too complicated? Is it even on there? If someone on this board, who is clearly already a race fan, has to go to a "third level" to get the information the track is creating an issue that doesn’t need to be created. Bring up the website for a person who doesn’t know much about racing and ask them if they can find all the information they would need for a night. Can you bring coolers, pets, can you re-enter if you go to your car, what is the raincheck policy, etc?

-Have you or your web designer debug on smart phones as well.

-Reward your teams - one free pass every 10 races, or drawing for a special slab, or whatever – be creative

-Reward your (stalwart) fans – give a pit pass for one race to your season ticket holders, have a drawing each week for a special parking spot, a special autograph session, a season ticket basket each week with sponsor hat and track stickers. Is there anything more frustrating that finding out “new subscribers” are getting a better deal than you who has been dedicated for 10 years?

Just some thoughts to provide discussion this off-season…


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Re: Be the Solution

Post by MSTRC_CEO88 » Wed Jan 17, 2018 11:37 am

Could not agree more Brother Ed! I've been dragging people to the races for as long as I can remember. Ask Ken Shook,Jason Helton,Rob Gaffney, and a host of others LOL. It is imperative that we get new blood into the sport. From dragging a "newbie" along to supporting the youth racing programs at the local tracks, we have to do our part to sustain and grow the sport we love!

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Re: Be the Solution

Post by fastbackss » Tue Feb 06, 2018 3:57 pm

The Atlanta Falcons opened a new stadium this year.

Shockingly - they LOWERED food prices when they did so - approximately 50%.

They found that patrons spent on average 16% more per game (total), despite the lower prices.



refillable soda


hot dog




pizza slice



draft beer


Most of our local tracks are reasonable, but it's still something to consider...

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Re: Be the Solution

Post by bosimo3and8 » Sat Feb 10, 2018 8:53 pm

Haven't been on here for years but here is an idea why don't we start betting on cars like we do on horses? That is a million dollar idea!
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Re: Be the Solution

Post by fastbackss » Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:39 am

Interesting idea.

But I presume there isn't near enough regulation on a local level to be able to do this. (Not to mention whilst it's not easy to "fix" a race with a horse, at least they're not human and less susceptible to corruption)

On the professional / national level it is possible (i.e. Vegas / Draft Kings, etc)

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Re: Be the Solution

Post by fastbackss » Wed Aug 01, 2018 5:00 pm

Educate me, wise ones.

Why does seemingly every track out here run time trials...for every show?

I hope the answer isn't "there aren't enough cars that compete regularly to appropriately handicap."

Because personally I think there are more work-arounds to that versus when driver sandbags to get a better invert position.

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